Saturday, February 1, 2014

Additions 1542 - 1543 (31)

Additions to the Act of Union 1542 is continues from post (30)...

"2. First, that his Grace's said dominion, principality, and country of Wales be from henceforth divided into twelve shires; of the which eight have been shires of long and ancient time: that is to say, the shires of Glamorgan, Caermarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, Flint, Caernarvon, Anglesey, and Merioneth; and four of the said twelve shires to be newly made and ordained to be shires by an Act made at the Parliament holden at Westminster in the twenty-seventh year of our said sovereign lord's most noble reign, that is to say, the shires of Radnor, Brecknock, Montgomery and Denbigh, over and besides the shire of Monmouth and divers other dominions, lordships, and manors in the Marches of Wales, united and annexed to the shires of Salop, Hereford, and Gloucester, as by the said late Act more plainly appeareth."

This section seems to show that the first Act of 1536 which instituted a new, larger, and single county of Monmouth was found to be unworkable.  This section returns to the 12 shire system which had been part of the geographic reality of Wales.

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