Friday, January 24, 2014

Elected and Chosen (29)

The Act of Union 1536 continues from post (28)...

"22. And it is further enacted...that for this present Parliament and all other Parliaments to be holden and kept for this realm, two knights shall be chosen and elected to the same parliament for the shire of Monmouth, and one Burgess for the borough of Monmouth, in like manner form and order as knights and burgesses of the parliament be elected and chosen in all other shires of this realm of England, and that the same knights and burgesses shall have like dignity pre-eminence and privilege, and shall be allowed such fees as other knights and burgesses of the Parliament have been allowed; and the knight's fees to be levied, perceived received gathered and paid in such manner form and order as such fees be gathered levied perceived received and paid in other shires of this realm of England; and the Burgesses' fees be levied as well within the borough of Monmouth as within all other ancient boroughs within the said shire of Monmouth.
   [Similarly one Knight to be chosen to the same Parliaments for each of the shires of Brecknock, Radnor, Montgomery, and Denbigh and for every other shire within the said country or dominion of Wales; and for every borough being a shire town within the said country or Dominion of Wales.]"

This section officially ends the Act of Union 1536.  Additions to this act follows in 1542 - 1543 and will be presented as recorded in English Historical Documents 1485 - 1558, edited by C.H. Williams, Oxford University Press, New York, 1967.

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