Friday, January 17, 2014

Further Enacted (27)

The Act of Union 1536 continues from post (26)...

"20.  Be it further enacted...that immediately upon the prorogation or dissolution of this present Parliament the Lord Chancellor of England shall direct the King's commission under His Grace's Great Seal to such persons as to him shall be thought convenient to enquire and view all the said shires of Carmarthen Pembroke, Cardigan, Monmouth, Brecknock, Radnor, Montgomery, Glamorgan, and Denbigh and every part and parcel of them; and upon such view and search to divide them and every of them into so many Hundreds as they shall think most meet and convenient; and the Hundreds so divided shall return and certify with the said Commission into the High Court of Chancery before the said Feast of All-Saints, and the same to remain of record, and to be of such force and effect as it were by Act of Parliament; and that the said Hundreds, after the said certificate, shall be used and taken as other Hundreds be in every other shire within this realm of England."

Divided into "Hundreds" were the new, reorganized, counties of Wales. [The county of Flint must have already been under English administration.]  A "commission" outside of Parliament was to accomplish the task, but it was to have the "effect as it were by Act of Parliament".  In effect, this would eliminate the Welsh commotes and cantreds.

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