Thursday, January 16, 2014

The English Tongue (26)

The Act of Union continues from post (25)....

"17.  Also be it enacted...that all Justices, commissioners, sheriffs coroners escheators stewards and their lieutenants and all other officers and ministers of the law shall proclaim and keep the sessions courts hundreds leets sheriffs courts and all other courts in the English tongue; and all oaths of officers juries and inquests and all other affidavits verdicts and wagers of law to be given and done in the English tongue; and also that from henceforth no person or persons that use the Welsh speech or language shall have or enjoy any manner office or fees within this realm of England, Wales or other the King's dominions upon pain of forfeiting the same offices or fees unless he or they use and exercise the English speech or language."

So here you have it.  Only the English tongue was to be used in the courts.  Thus the Welsh tongue was eliminated from the documents and records of the courts.  It was this fact that produced all sorts of problems with those who had to transcribe the Welsh name (and naming system) into the English speaking world. 

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