Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Astricted and Obliged (6)

The Act of Union continues from (5)...

"...and also shall be sworn astricted and obliged to the keeping of their sessions of peace, and to the due execution of all and singular statutes and ordinances made and to be made in the like manner and form and under like pains and penalties as Justices of the Peace...in other shires of this realm of England be and shall be bounden and obliged; any act statute prescription usage custom liberty or privilege had made accustomed or used to the contrary notwithstanding."

The role of the justices were see that the laws of England were applied within the areas of Wales as outlined.   The are given as:  1) act, 2) statute, 3) prescription, 4) usage, 5) custom, 7) liberty, or 8) privilege.

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