Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Purpose

Family trees that involve branches through Wales and England can present a variety of difficult tasks.  Many of the surnames associated with these tasks have a relationship to the Act of Union 1536.  It is the purpose of this blog to present this document as recorded in "English Historical Documents 1485 - 1558", edited by C.H. Williams, Oxford University Press, 1967.  The blog is intended for the genealogist who desires to read and understand the "primary" documents.  The content will provide the factors that played such an important role in the many surnames from Wales that resulted during this transition period. 

The statue is titled "An act for making of Justices of Peace in Wales, 1535".  It is recorded "St. 27 Hen. VIII, c. 5".  There is also a reference as (Stat. Realm, III, 534).

The posts will be given in brief sections with my comments included.  Perhaps this blog will generate interest into the origin of other surnames besides my own...JONES.

For a discussion of the JONES surname and the Act of Union 1536, see my other blog posts... "Impact Act of Union 1536"; Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011... @

Let's begin.

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