Saturday, December 21, 2013

Practised and Executed (15)

The Act of Union continues from post (14)...

"...and that the laws ordinances and statues of this realm of England, for ever, and none other laws ordinances nor statutes from and after the said feast of All Saints next coming, shall be had used practised and executed in the said country or dominion of Wales, and every part thereof, in like manner form and order as they be and shall be had, used, practised and executed in this realm, and in such like manner and form as hereafter by this Act shall be further established and ordained; any Act statue usage custom precedent liberty privilege or other thing had made used granted or suffered to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding."

None other laws, ordinances, or statutes than those used in the "realm of England" would be allowed in Wales. [All Saints was established by Alcuin in the year 800 AD to be on November 1.  It was initially a collective feast of the martyrs.  In earliest days martyrs were the only recognized saints.]

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