Sunday, December 8, 2013

Full Power and Authority (4)

The Act continues...from (3)...

"...which shall have full power and authority to inquire hear and determine all manner of thing and things inquirable presentable or determinable before Justices of Peace, Justices of Quorum and Justices of Gaol Delivery in other shires of this realm of England, by force or virtue of any statute or statutes made and to be made or by the course of the common laws of this realm;..."

According to Jackson, a statute provide that "worthy" men were to be appointed to keep the peacee and hear and determine felonies.  They were to hold their sessions four times a year.  The term "magistrate" has been used as an equivalent term to "justice of the peace". [See: The Machinery of Justice in England, by J.M. Jackson, p. 80]

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