Monday, December 16, 2013

Far Discrepant (11)

The Act of Union continues from (10) :

"An act for laws and justice to be ministered in Wales in like form as it is in this realm. St. 27 Hen. VIII, c. 26 1535 (Stat. Realm, III, 563)

Albeit the dominion principality and country of Wales justly and righteously is and ever hath been incorporated annexed united and subject to and under the Imperial Crown of this realm, as a very member and joint of the same, whereof the King's most royal majesty of mere droit, and very right is very head king lord and ruler; yet notwithstanding, because that in the same country principality and dominion divers rights usages laws and customs be far discrepant from the laws and customs of this realm, and also because that the people of the same dominion have and do daily use a speech nothing like nor consonant to the natural mother tongue used within this realm, some rude and ignorant people have made distinction and diversity between the king's subjects of this realm and his subjects of the said dominion and principality of Wales..."

Daily using a speech nothing like "the natural mother tongue" is the foundation to the next section of this act.  "Far Discrepant" is the concept and issue that begins the linguistic and phonetic changes producing the surname JONES.

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