Thursday, December 12, 2013

For Reformation (8)

The Act of Union continues from (7):

"...for reformation whereof be it enacted...that no person or persons, of what estate or degree soever they be, from the first day of July, which shall be in the year of Our Lord God 1536, shall have any power or authority to pardon or remit any treasons, murders, manslaughters, or any kinds of felonies whatsoever they be; nor any accessories to any treasons, murders, manslaughters, or felonies; or any outlawries for any such offences afore rehearsed, committed, perpetrated, done or divulged or hereafter to be committed done or divulged by or against any person or persons in any part of this realm, Wales, or to the Marches of the same;..."

This section removed any judicial rights of the Marcher Lords.  This activity had been a major source of discontent along the border of Wales since William I made his appearance.

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