Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Further Enacted (20)

The Act of Union continues from post (19)...

"3. And it is further enacted...that all actions real that hereafter shall be conceived perpetrated or sued for any lands tenements hereditaments or any other thing within the said county or shire of Monmouth, and all actions personal within the same shire or county of the sum of 40.s. or above, and all actions mixed, shall be sued by original writ out of the King's high court of chancery in England, and heard determined and tried before the King's Justices in England or by Assie or Nisi Prius within the said county of Monmouth, in such like manner form and wise as all other actions real personal and actions mixed be sued heard determined and tried in or for any shire of this realm of England;...".

Nisi = if....not, unless, except   Prius = before, previously, thus my translation is "except previously (held)"

Not sure how 40.s. (shillings) would compare to today cost...anyone have a estimate?  Please post a comment in the comment section.

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