Friday, December 6, 2013

More Reasons (2)

The document Act of Union continues:

from post  (1)

 "...By reason whereof the said murders robberies thefts trespasses and breaking of the peace have remained unpunished to the great animation of evil doers in the same counties: For redress and amputation whereof and to the intent that one order of ministering of his laws should be had observed and used in the same as in other places of this realm of England is had and used,..."

Let's see now...there were manifold :  1) robberies
                                                             2) murders
                                                             3) thefts
                                                             4) trespasses
                                                             5) riots
                                                             6) routs
                                                             7) embraceries [ an attempt to influence a jury corruptly]
                                                             8) maintenances [ an unlawful intermeddling in a legal suit by
                                                                                     assisting either party with means to carry it on ]
                                                             9) oppressions
                                                           10) ruptures of his peace
                                                           11) many other malefacts [ crime - from fr. malefacere = to do
                                                                                                                                                      evil ]

It would seem that everyone committing these things were getting away with it.  Since the reign of Henry VIII was certainly without any of the above, his realm should be applied to the counties and palatines so outlined.

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