Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lordships Marchers (18)

The Act of Union 1536 continues from post (17)...

"...and that all the residue of the said Lordships Marchers within the said country or dominion of Wales shall be severed and divided into certain particular counties or shires, that is to say the county or shire of Monmouth, the county or shire of Brecknock, the county or shire of Denbigh; and that the lordships townships parishes commotes and cantreds of Monmouth, Chepstow, Matherne, Llanvihangel, Magour, Goldecliffe, Newport, Wenllonge, Llanwerne, Caerlion, Usk, Treleck, Tintern, Skynfreth, Grousmont, Witecaste, Regaln, Calicote, Biston, Abergevenny, Penrose, Greenfield, Maghen, and Hochnyslade in the country of Wales, and all singular honours, lordships castles, manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments lying or being within the compass or precinct of the said lordships, townships, hamlets, parishes, commotes, and cantreds and every of them, in whose possession soever they be or shall be..."

Commotes and cantreds were Welsh land use terms.  They were applied to the tribal divisions of Wales.  A good discussion can be found in Chapter VIII, of J.E. Lloyd's History of Wales, starting p. 229.

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