Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Most Ancient Prerogatives (7)

The next section to the Act of Union 1536 is given as "An  act for re-continuing Liberties in the Crown."  [St. 27 Hen. VIII, c. 24, 1535. (Stat. Realm, III, 555).  This continues from post (6):

"Where divers of the most ancient prerogatives and authorities of justice appertaining to the Imperial Crown of this realm have been severed and taken from the same by sundry gifts of the King's most noble progenitors, kings of this realm, to the great diminution and detriment of the royal estate of the same, and to the hindrance and great delay of justice:..."

The second issue to be addressed by this statue is the large number of independent estates (lordships) scattered about the Marches and Wales.  Each "lord" was an independent judge, jury, and administrator of his own area. 

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