Monday, December 23, 2013

Due Reformation (16)

The Act of Union continues from post (15)...

"   III. And forasmuch as there be many and divers Lordships Marchers within the said country or dominion of Wales, lying between the shires of England and the shires of the said country or dominion of Wales, and being no parcel of any other shires where the laws and due correction is used and had, by reason whereof hath ensued, and hath been practised perpetrated committed and done within and among the said lordships and countries to them adjoining, manifold and divers detestable murders burning of houses robberies thefts trespasses routs riots unlawful assemblies embraceries maintenances receiving of felons oppressions ruptures of the peace and manifold other malefacts contrary to all laws and justice; and the said offenders thereupon making their refuge from lordship to lordship, were and continued without punishment or correction; for due reformation whereof..."

Divers "Lordships Marchers" had been a thorn in the side of many folks since William I had begun the process many years before.  This became the "wild west" of the border lands.

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